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NO CHILDREN'S ADMINSTRATION services available due to contract terminations.


Family Reunification & Preservation Services

Through a wide range of therapeutic techniques, our experienced, Master’s level Professional Services Therapists assist in the development and attainment of personal and family goals.  Increasing possibilities of continued family connections provides hope and direction.  Often serving families during visitations, intentional therapeutic activities are provided to children and adults together while they practice building positive relationships. $70-$160 / hour

Reunification Therapy- Services are used to reintroduce a parent (or parents, siblings, family members) into a child's life in a therapeutic, emotionally and physically safe controlled manner. The therapist works with the family to revitalize, create and secure healthy family bonds. Collateral information is required for review by the therapist to ensure history, current situation and global health of the children is the top priority of all participants. Reunification service includes monthly reporting of updates, progress and concerns reported to the client and any court ordering the service. $70-$160 / hour

Preservation Therapy- Services are used to stabilize families, ideally preventing separation, divorce, estrangement, parental alienation and even placement of children in foster care or other out of home settings. $70-$160 / hour

Parenting Assessment

The therapist provides an assessment of the parenting skills, home environment and/or behaviors of adults and children during an intensive observational period.  The therapist engages the children and adults minimally, initially introducing the process and helping the family to behave naturally during the observation.  The final report includes strengths, areas for growth and treatment recommendations.

Recommended for low risk concerns, EIS has available a $1000 SNAP SHOT Assessment including five hours of direct observation time, a brief review of collateral and a report.

Recommended for high risk concerns, EIS has available a $2400 PANORAMA Assessment including 12 hours of direct observation time, an intensive review of collateral and more detailed report.

Individual Therapy

Therapists provide custom tailored individual therapeutic support to assist individuals in practicing and refining new skills in coping, prioritizing, decision making, goal setting, self care and conflict resolution.  Therapists teach individuals a myriad of new skills including how to access community resources, prevent relapse, and maintain sobriety in an effort to empower caregivers to better meet their family’s needs. Children, youth and adolescents benefit from increased sense of self worth, descion making skills, conflict resolution skills, cooperation and ability to express their feelings and voice too. $70-$160 / hour

Family Therapy

Each family is provided with a custom tailored therapeutic experience to assist them in achieving family goals.  Hands-on activities help build relationships between caregivers and children of all ages.  Family members learn to increase communication, resolve conflict and cooperate in fresh and healthy ways through theoretical practice and experiential opportunities.  Even those caring for infants can benefit from learning how to respond appropriately and understand their young child’s needs.  Family therapy is appropriate for families of all formations and ages. $70-$160 / hour

Visitation and Transportation Services

In order to enhance our Professional Services Therapeutic sessions, we now offer pre and post session supervised visitation and transportation services.  Consistent and frequent visits are crucial in maintaining the caregiver child relationship. 

  • Our visitation specialist provides and atmosphere that respectfully supports the safety and wellness of all clients while caregivers nurture children. 
  • Healthy, safe family time, before and after intensive therapeutic work, ensures ample skill building time for optimum growth and progress during Family and Individual sessions. 
  • Frequent, high quality connection in a natural environment optimizes sibling, family and parent/ child visitations.  $40-$70 / hour 

Sub Services

Therapeutic Visitation- Providing therapeutic guidance, especially in regard to healing relationships, is given by the therapist during visitation. $70/ hour

Supervised Visitation- A trained facilitator provides line of sight supervision, interacting little but when necessary to ensure the health of safety of the children. $40/ hour

Supervised Visitation with Parent Instruction- The addition of basic parenting education and child development information during the session helps parents improve their skills while practicing in a safe visitation setting. $50/ hour

Monitored Visitation- With approval of participants, custodial parents and court orders, we provide a less intrusive on site visitation service where parents are left to care for their children and the visitation facilitator is able to listen to the visit from another room, checking in physically at least every 15 minutes. This is the final form of visitation prior to reunification generally, when consumers of our services are making progress toward their goals. $30/ hour


Visitation Hours:

EIS office hours are Monday - Friday 8 AM- 5PM
Service hours are established to meet your needs with varied on site and in-home availability.  Call for current information or special requests.

Phone: (509) 624-7104



How To Begin

We NO LONGER ACCEPT referrals from the Washington State Department of Children and Family Services, or Children’s Administration (DCFS).

Refferents are encouraged to call 509.624.7104 or e mail to discuss the appropriateness of the referral.

We DO accept referrals from private consumers.  Recommendations of services for clients by other referring partner professionals are given expedited priority.  If feasible, we can provide urgent court ordered services and alternative planning for sessions needed where one party is traveling from a distance to participate.

What To Expect

Empowering Inc. Services takes great pride in providing the highest quality care for all families and individuals while upholding exceptional ethical standards. We serve to secure the safety of children. Without exception, you can expect:

• Objective, behaviorally specific monthly reports.

• Staff members who maintain extremely flexible schedules that ensure all families have access to services, and every child is seen face-to-face regularly;

• Ongoing consultation to therapists, ensuring increased oversight of services and quality;

• Numerous opportunities to participate in experiential, interactive games, projects and activities that provide family team building and fun for increased cohesion and healthy time together;

• Support in learning and practicing new skill development, enhancing relationships as conflict resolution and communication skills increase. Stress is reduced. Homes are organized. Community services and natural supports are engaged. With conscientious therapists facilitating fun, challenging activities you will practice your new skills, increasing your ability to maintain and use them in your daily life.

• Participation is voluntary. If a family wishes to terminate services at any time, a simple request is granted immediately, with notice given by Empowering, Inc. Services to the referring agent.

• Every therapist uses a strength based, family centered approach. Family members take part in establishing goals, while learning to advocate for themselves, access services and care for their children’s needs more fully. Our therapists are honest about concerns, dedicated to building on strengths and above all diligent agents of child safety. Objectively, we care;

• Open communication from our therapists, enhancing the myriad of possibilities for positive change and growth.

Services begin as early as 24 hours after we accept your referral and vary in duration based on need and program structure. You will find more information in the service descriptions as you read.


FREE SERVICES are no longer available to participants who are referred from the Department of Children and Family Services in Washington State and the Division of Developmental Disabilities in Washington State..

Private pay services ranging from $40- $225 per hour may be arranged, with payment due at the time of service.  Mileage is based on the current Federal reimbursement rate.

A one hour intake session and 15 minute phone call are provided complimentary. At intake participants are expected to pay for a minimum of the following session. This payment is refundable unless cancellation is not received within 24 hours of the service time and date scheduled.

An income based sliding fee scale may be used if the client requests this consideration. If not, fees are the higher rate listed for each service.

We are currently not accepting insurance payments.  Payments can be made by cash or check.  Credit and debit payment arrangements are coming soon in the Fall of 2016.

Special request services are priced individually, based on current market standard and nature of the service delivered.

Empowering, Inc. Services operates with a social-entrepreneurial business model; covering the costs of operations, fair employee pay and development of non-profit sister agency outreach programs with income generated by service.



The Connection Place offers a nurturing environment for families and individuals to enhance and develop healthy relationships.  We offer a supportive environment with toys, games and activities that meet the developmental needs of children of all ages. 

Experiential, hands-on games and activities support repairing relationships as well as developing healthy ones.  Children and parents, as well as siblings, can access services together.

The Connection Place is also available for Parenting Assessments.


Other services are being developed regularly; if our current services do not meet your need, please inquire.
  • Team building workshops
  • Group trainings
  • Interactive game sessions for your special celebration, birthday party, staff retreat, baby shower, etc.
  • Interactive presentations


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